Directory Submission Services

  • Directory Submission is submitting your website's details to the internet directories or web directories. This comprises of a suitable title with a short description which should be keyword rich in both title and description. The main objective behind this is to achieve superior quality back links for websites.
  • Usually these directories are very much particular about the website links submitted. They approve only relevant websites that are genuine and are submitted in the relevant business category. Directory Submission can help you get good quality Back Links in hundreds. But the process depends on the expertise of execution of your link building firm.
  • Manual Directory Submission
  • If given an order to Amritaz IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (AITS) does it offer Manual Directory Submission or Automated directory Submission. Amritaz IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (AITS) we offer totally manual directory submission service. Many website owners are unaware of the variation between manual and automated directory submission. In manual submission your website is going to be submitted to each and every directory of hundreds of web directories manually. If it's automated then your website links are submitted to the hundreds of directories just with one click. You can easily understand which the best way of submission is. Obviously, manual directory submission is the best approach, as this provides high rate of approval.
  • Web Directories strongly recommend webmasters to use manual submissions because the automated submissions are done by the spammers and submitted to various categories in the same directory which affects the reliability of the directories. For this reason the web directories do not approve automated submissions. So if any company provides automated company, its better you keep away from it rather wasting your valuable time and money.

At Amritaz IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (AITS) Spider you need not worry at all with such automated processes. We guarantee 100% manual directory submissions. We provide quality links with various packages. You would definitely like our Directory Submission Service as we give the best value to the money you invest.


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