Microfinance Software

Purpose-built for the microfinance industry, Amritaz is a centralized management information system (MIS) platform featuring a user-friendly browser-based web interface running on top of a robust MySQL database. Flexible to meet your unique operational requirements and scalable to meet your rapid growth and outreach, our centralized model enables real-time access to data across your organization from any web browser. All key functionality is met including client management, loan and savings portfolio management, transaction processing, and social and business reporting & analytics.

Guided by open source development and harnessing a widespread global technology community and in-region ecosystem of experts, this robust platform provides the precision to operate efficiently, the freedom to innovate, and the flexibility to extend new services that more effectively empower the poor.

Product Features :

  • Clients, Groups, and Centers
  • Loan Products & Loan Accounts
  • Savings Products & Savings Accounts
  • Search & Browse for Client Accounts
  • Bulk & Batch Processes
  • Reports
  • Surveys and Progress out of Poverty Tracking
  • System Users, Permissions, and Data Scope
  • Setup, Configuration, & Localization
  • Financial Transactions & Accounting Support
  • Login & Security
  • Audit Trails

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