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Amazon Trademark registration, your trademark must exactly match the trademark on Amazon in order for Amazon to accept it. You need to have a registered trademark to be eligible to apply to the Amazon Brand Registry. We will help you in trademark registration of your brand for amazon.If you have a pending and registered Indian trademark, you can use your application number to register with the Amazon Brand Registry. For information, you will need a pending trademark in India, an active Amazon Seller Central or Vendor Central account, and a registered trademark not yet registered in the Amazon registry.In India, if you have a registered trademark, you can notify Amazon and prevent anyone other than you from using your trademark there. You may not use a trademark that does not contain words or if the words do not match the brand name. Listings of products that are not designed for your brand and misuse brand terms in their names.

More about Amazon Brand Trademark Registration

Amazon will report product listings that incorrectly use your branding in their names. Because Amazon compiles a catalog of all your products, Amazon can notify you when a seller lists new products using your brand or logo. Designed to protect sellers from unscrupulous counterfeiters, it allows sellers to better control their customers’ brand experience on Amazon by identifying you as the trademark owner.The original creation showed that the company took intellectual property infringement seriously, but Amazon Brand Registry has also become a central entry point for branding and opportunity creation, including brand analytics. In May 2017, Amazon launched Amazon Brand Registry for brand owners. Our Legal’s trademark experts can help you obtain the registration you need to use your new trademark. Call us on 8896992400 for complete information.

Where to go for Amazon Brand Trademark Registration

That’s why Amazon now requires sellers to register their trademarks with the Intellectual Property of India Trademark Office (IPINDIA) before participating in the Brand Registry program. Historically, accessing the Amazon Trademark Registry required registering a trademark, which meant that the Intellectual Property of India Trademark Office (IPINDIA) had to wait approximately 6-36 months to review the application, approve the application, and issue the registration. When you apply for a trademark with Amazon, the trademark information you provide must exactly match the information registered in the IPINDIA database, including capitalization and spaces.Your brand registration protects your brand, the identifying mark that lets customers know where a particular product comes from. By specifying the product or service covered by your trademark, you can determine the scope of use and, if registered, the scope of protection. Trademark protection for a trademark can provide trademark owners with many benefits that cannot be obtained unless the trademark is duly registered with a state or federal agency.Your branding should be in the form of text or image based branding with a combination of words, letters or numbers. Registering your trademark proves that you are the owner of the products being sold; Once you’ve been approved, you’ll get the extra protection Amazon offers brands. Registering a trademark and then trademarking with Amazon is the best way to protect your product listings from hijackers.While Amazon does not charge you to register your trademark, they do require a trademark; the costs will create a barrier to entry for some sellers. If you have multiple trademarks, the trademark registration process can become very expensive and very fast.Waiting until unauthorized use puts you at a disadvantage and the months it takes to register a trademark can result in loss of profits. If you have not filed for a trademark prior to trying to register your trademark, it may take six to ten months before you can successfully register your products on Amazon while you are waiting for your trademark to be approved. If you choose to apply with one of Amazons intellectual property law firms, you can register your trademark with a pending trademark in just a few weeks.Amazon has also updated its website to reflect openness by removing the “registered” trademark requirement, meaning pending trademark applications are now acceptable. Multiple national requirements combined into one image, all of these countries now allow sellers to use a pending trademark application to access Amazon’s brand registry. Presumably, this means that the Amazon IP Accelerator program, which consists of 11 law firms arbitrarily supervised by Amazon, is now obsolete, as the main benefit of using one of these companies was instant access to the Amazon brand registry for applicants. Once Amazon and the public discover the fraud, which is likely to increase due to the lawsuit, we expect Amazon to get back to filing for a trademark to access a program like the Amazon Brand Registry.Perhaps most importantly, Amazon Brand Registry allows Amazon sellers to remove listings that infringe on their trademarks, including counterfeiters, “catalog hijackers” and industry sellers whose trademarks are simply too similar to the brand owners’ names. The Amazon Counterfeit Self-Removal Tool allows registered trademark sellers to remove fake listings themselves. At Amazon, trademarks offer brand owners an arsenal of tools to increase sales.
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