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Varanasi Wards

List of Wards in Varanasi

Varanasi is divided into 90 wards, each with its own unique identity and characteristics. Here is a list of all the wards and locations in Varanasi:

  1. Pandeypur
  2. Chhittanpura
  3. Kabirchaura
  4. Harhua
  5. Sarai Mohana
  6. Chaukaghat
  7. Sigra
  8. Gurubagh
  9. Shivpur
  10. Lahartara
  11. Maheshpur
  12. Phoolpur
  13. Bachchhaon
  14. Sunderpur
  15. Lanka
  16. Manduadih
  17. Bhagwanpur
  18. Dashaswamedh
  19. Kotwali
  20. Shivala
  21. Ramnagar
  22. Chaubeypur
  23. Madhopur
  24. Shivdaspur
  25. Lohta
  26. Sonarpura
  27. Mahmoorganj
  28. Jaitpura
  29. Sarnath
  30. Naria
  31. Konia
  32. Pindra
  33. Hukulganj
  34. Baragaon
  35. Kandwa
  36. Jakhania
  37. Jaitpura
  38. Pindara
  39. Rajatalab
  40. Bajardiha
  41. Rajghat
  42. Gopiganj
  43. Sewapuri
  44. Kotwa
  45. Bachhrawan
  46. Baragaon
  47. Rajapur
  48. Bazar Kalan
  49. Baraini
  50. Kamachha
  51. Ramnagar Colony
  52. Bhogawanpur
  53. Nati Imli
  54. Taktakpur
  55. Sadaat
  56. Cholapur
  57. Mahrajganj
  58. Niyamatpur
  59. Rasoolpur
  60. Karaundi
  61. Daffi
  62. Bakhtiarpur
  63. Ravidas Ghat
  64. Babatpur
  65. Paharia
  66. Nadesar
  67. Bari Gaibi
  68. Sigra Bazar
  69. Dafi
  70. Baragaon
  71. Lalpur
  72. Birapatti
  73. Lahartara
  74. Sewapuri
  75. Badi Gaibi
  76. Baragaon
  77. Chiraigaon
  78. Harhua
  79. Sujabad
  80. Saraiya
  81. Basni
  82. Baragaon
  83. Bari Gaibi
  84. Sigra
  85. Sikraul
  86. Nageshwar Colony
  87. Anandbagh
  88. Badi Gaibi
  89. Bhikharipur
  90. Baragaon

Each of these wards has its own unique characteristics, with some being more residential while others are more commercial. Whether you’re a visitor or a resident, exploring these wards can give you a deeper insight into the rich cultural heritage and vibrant community of Varanasi.

Locations and Businesses in Varanasi.

Varanasi is a major business hub in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India, with various industries such as textiles, handicrafts, agriculture, and tourism. The city is divided into 90 wards, and each ward has its own business districts and commercial centers.

Here is a brief overview of the business divisions in some of the major wards in Varanasi:

  1. Chetganj: This ward is known for its textile industry, including cotton sarees, silk sarees, and other textile products.

  2. Madanpura: This ward has a number of small-scale industries, including handmade paper production, glass making, and metalwork.

  3. Adampura: This ward is known for its textile printing and dyeing industry.

  4. Dashaswamedh: This ward is the commercial center of Varanasi and is home to a number of shops, restaurants, and hotels.

  5. Bhelupur: This ward is known for its shopping areas and is home to a number of malls, shops, and boutiques.

  6. Sigra: This ward is the education hub of Varanasi and has a number of schools, colleges, and coaching centers.

  7. Mahmoorganj: This ward is known for its commercial centers, including malls, shops, and showrooms.

  8. Lanka: This ward is known for its jewelry and handicraft shops, including Banarasi silk sarees, carpets, and brassware.

  9. Shivpur: This ward is the industrial area of Varanasi and is home to a number of small and medium scale industries.

  10. Manduadih: This ward is known for its transport industry, including railways and bus stations.

  11. Lahurabir: This ward is known for its traditional markets, including the famous Vishwanath Temple market, which sells religious items and souvenirs.

  12. Cantonment: This ward is known for its army and defense establishments and has a number of government offices.

These are some of the major business divisions in Varanasi, and each ward has its own unique contribution to the city’s economy.

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